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Climate Prints is a web-based platform for artists, designers, and organizers who seek creative methods to participate in the Climate Justice Movement. It is a curated site to download hi-resolution graphics under a host of categories that are free-to-use and to remix under a Creative Commons license. It is a site to view examples of how the graphics have been used in past actions – be it demonstrations, marches, murals, wheatpastings, or other forms of creative resistance. It is a call for art for current campaigns, and it is a networking tool for artists to connect with movements and for movements to connect with artists. Climate Prints is built and managed by artists and cultural workers, because we believe that art has a critical role to play in confronting the climate crisis, and that artists are essential in organizing, developing tactics, and envisioning strategies. All of the decisions on the site are informed by our work as artists and arts organizers, to help maximize the impact that art can serve in movements.


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For Artists and Designers

Climate Prints is a platform to share graphics that you have made on Climate Change, and to connect the work to other committed social movement artists and to organizers from around the world. It houses past and present graphics as well as photographs that showcase how the art has been used in actions – signifying the vital role that artists play in the success of movements.

We seek to showcase your efforts and to contextualize it within the body of your creative trajectory and personal story.  As artists ourselves, we are well aware that there’s lots of websites that might ask to showcase your art, including sites that don’t even ask. And we know that this call for art could feel like yet another request asking to use your work for free.  What we’re hoping is different about this site is that the imagery and its successes connects the credit back to you as an artist, and is part of a platform that is directly connected with organizing efforts.  As we grow, the core organizers of Climate Prints will use the site to connect artists to organizers seeking to activate the work into movements and to create new work, with compensation available whenever possible.  We also hope the site will allow us to collectively up our game: to be inspired by each others work, to create deeper networks, and to encourage artists and designers to create more nuanced, fierce, clear, impactful and inspiring imagery for the Climate Justice movement.

If you have thoughts about how to build this site in more impactful and accountable ways, or want to get more involved–we’d love to hear from you. Send us an email: climateprints@gmail.com

Visit our Submit page for instructions

For Movement Organizers

Climate Prints is a site curated by activist artists that makes top-notch graphics available for movement building. Graphics on the site can be downloaded for free and used and re-mixed for a host of purposes: as flyers, social media, banners, mud stencils, and countless other forms of creative resistance. Our site is a platform to share images, showcase examples of how the work has been used in movements, and to help facilitate future collaborations between artists and organizers in the Climate Justice Movement.

We believe that artists have a critical role to play in confronting the climate crisis.

The problem we face is daunting in scope and complexity, and we know art is a force to help people move through their own paralysis, grief and fear. The solutions to the climate crisis will require changes that few or none of us have ever experienced, and we know art helps us imagine what we have never encountered before.  

The core team of the Climate Prints website has, collectively, over two decades of experience connecting artists to campaigns and movements. Everything about this site is built to help support and amplify the transformational potential of art within organizing. If you are an organizer or activist in the climate movement who is interested in integrating visual art, we are thrilled to talk with you about our strategies, or to talk about new potential projects or partnerships. Send us an email at: climateprints@gmail.com

For Everyone

Everyone is welcome to download images from Climate Prints. They are free to use and free to remix under a Creative Commons license (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported). Images can never be used for commercial purposes. Please credit the artists name if you use the image ONLINE, on a flyer, or elsewhere, and please read the Creative Commons license carefully. You are free to re-mix the image – meaning that if you are promoting an event and making a flyer you can add the event date, location, etc somewhere on the image design.

Everyone is also encouraged to share the images on the Climate Prints site. Each image has its own URL that can be shared on social media. Each campaign has its own URL that can be shared. If you know of artists whose work is applicable for this site, encourage them to submit images for consideration. If you download the images, print them out and use them in campaigns, the streets, etc. take photos and email them to us so we can highlight the work in the “Art in Action” section that is below each image. If you have ideas on how to be engaged with Climate Prints in ways that we have not mentioned, please email us so that we can dialog about your idea: climateprints@gmail.com

Anti Oppression Statement & Principles

Climate Prints aims to be a site to leverage the power of the arts towards popular resistance to the climate crisis. We know that this is not simple. We see the Climate Justice and the Environmental movement, in the US and elsewhere, as carrying a heavy legacy of the impact of white supremacy and consumerist cooptation. We know we can’t shop and recycle away this problem. We know that direct action and organizing diverse coalitions is what is needed. But we know unequal power dynamics – white supremacy and patriarchy – have created divisions and distrust in many movements including environmental movements. We recognize that much work is needed to undo decades/centuries of wrong. That systemic oppression needs to be constantly addressed, confronted, and overcome. With Climate Prints we aim to critique systemic oppression, the shortcomings of the movement, and welcome graphics that do so.

We also aim to critique the notion that artists donate their labor for free. When working with large, funded organizations in the climate movement, we will negotiate fair compensation for the activist cultural workers we are working with. We see this as essential in leveraging resources directly back to artists whose labor is typically under compensated or not compensated at all.


Who we are

Nicolas Lampert is a Milwaukee-based artist and author who works collectively with Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative – a worker-owned printmaking cooperative thirty artists in North America that formed in 2007. He organized a 30-city wheat pasting campaign in 2014 to help promote the People’s Climate March in NYC. He is the author of A People’s Art History of the United States: 250 Years of Activist Art and Artists Working in Social Justice Movements (published by The New Press in 2013) and is a full-time faculty member at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

 Paul Kjelland is a Milwaukee-based visual artist and member of the Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative. He is a co-founder of the Riverwest24, and is the co-founder of ReciproCITY – a mobile experimental cultural center that focuses on urban agricultural projects and community activism in Milwaukee and beyond. Paul is currently working at 371 Productions as the Engagement Director for Precious Lives; a 100 part radio series and engagement campaign addressing youth and gun violence. The series is airing weekly over two years and is being distributed both locally and nationally.

 Rachel Schragis is a visual artist, cultural organizer, and lifelong New Yorker.  Perhaps mostly known for her slightly epic mindmap drawings, she is passionate about visualizing and organizing complexity.   In NYC, she’s organized with Occupy Wall Street, Domestic Worker Justice, and Climate Justice movements.  She was the arts coordinator for the People’s Climate March, and is currently the co-coordinator of arts engagement for Flood the System. She is a founding member of the People’s Climate Arts collective, a trainer with the Beautiful Trouble Network, and an MFA candidate at Hunter College.

 Devon Cupery: Devon Cupery is an organizer and film producer whose work focuses on climate change, environmental justice, and community. She currently works for the Midwest Renewable Energy Association where she plans outreach campaigns to promote solar and wind energy. Previously she worked at 371 Productions in Milwaukee as a producer of “Wisconsin’s Mining Standoff,” a documentary for Al Jazeera America’s award-winning documentary series “Fault Lines” about a controversial proposed open-pit mine in northern Wisconsin. Devon graduated from Brown University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science in environmental science.

 Josiah Werning is a Milwaukee-raised designer and artist, currently residing in Brooklyn. He has created branding and art for several non-profits, community groups and social movements including the People’s Climate March, Voces de la Frontera, Youth Empowered in the Struggle, Movement Mastery, Cosecha, and Black Lives Matter. He has been an Art Director at an advertising agency and is currently doing freelance design projects.

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