In addition to working with artists to connect to the climate justice movement, we work with organizations and groups to create campaigns. If you are interested in hiring artists and designers to develop a campaign for your organization or group that can be hosted on this website, please contact

New Campaigns:

D12- Paris 2015

Climate change is not just ‘happening’; it is being caused, and we know who is responsible. The days of waiting for politicians to solve the climate crisis are over. It is time to take our place in history by taking responsibility for addressing it ourselves. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We must reclaim our democracies that have been polluted by the money and influence of those causing the climate crisis. On Dec 12, 2015, we will come together on the streets of Paris to take on those who are financing, fueling and promoting the climate crisis.

The People’s Climate Movement

The People’s Climate Movement and others are calling for a National Day of Action Wednesday, October 14 to demand bold action on the climate crisis facing our planet. We are calling for a sustainable, democratic and just economy that preserves our planet and works for all peoples. At the end of 2015, nations will meet again to negotiate an United Nation’s climate agreement in Paris that commits all countries to address climate change. What comes out of Paris will not mark the end of our efforts but could be an important step in the global process of confronting climate change. This fall we will continue to build a powerful movement for change and bring the demand for bold action to our leaders in anticipation of the Paris climate talks. We will insist that our public leaders support us in taking action in building a new economy that will avert the worst impacts of the climate crisis. And, we will call out those public leaders, corporations and other organizations that are standing in the way of progress as they deny the science and block the popular alternatives.

 Past Campaigns:

The People’s Climate March (2014)

The People’s Climate March on Sept. 21, 2014 signaled to both U.S. and global leaders that large numbers of people in the United States cared about the climate crisis. Not only was the march the largest action on climate in history, but we successfully changed the notion that climate change was just an environmental issue. The march made it clear that this is also a social and economic justice struggle. Building off of the energy and success of the march, the People’s Climate Movement was formed to continue to build on that energy and excitement and expand across the country.